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We offer a number of great products to our customers and periodically offer special prices, discounts, coupons, and promotions during the initial term to allow our clients the opportunity to experience our products and services with minimal financial risk.

Please note that these special offers are limited time promotional prices and are available for new domain names, website creator, linux, windows, wordpress, cms or email hosting plans only. These prices are valid only for the initial term at the time of purchase and do not apply to successive or renewal periods and renew at our regular rate.

You may check your account at any time for upcoming renewals. After the initial period, all products and services including your domain names, until cancelled will automatically renew 30 business days before expiry at the then-current price. You may turn off the auto renewal feature by visiting your account , but in doing so, you should consider any adverse consequences of forgetting to renew manually.

We will use reasonable efforts to send you a reminder notice several weeks before before any domain name expires, but we cannot be held responsible if your email address is not current, or you overlook the reminder, or it is captured by a spam filter or there is an internet delivery failure. Where you choose to use manual renewal, you must carefully note the relevant renewal date and ensure that you do not allow your service to lapse unintentionally.

You agree that the services shall be provided for the term you selected through your account. Unless you terminate the services through your account at least 30 business days before expiry, you agree that all products and services including your domain names, will be renewed for another two (2) year term and that the resulting fees shall be charged to the credit card associated with your account. You agree that where you maintain auto renewal 'on' status and do not terminate the services through your account at least 30 business days before expiry, we should renew in accordance with these terms.

You agree that your continuing consent to be billed for such renewal(s) will be presumed until such time as you terminate the services through your account. You agree that attempts to terminate the services other than through your account such as by sending an email, letter or fax to us are not reliable means of communication and that such a termination attempt shall not be binding until accepted and acknowledged in writing by us. Our regular renewal rates are listed below in aussie dollars, include GST, reflect pricing of our products when purchased and are subject to change.

Product Annual Renewal Pricing

Linux Hosting

Budget - $199 Deluxe - $299 Premium - $399

Windows Hosting

Economy - $199 Ultimate - $299 Enterprise - $399

Cloud Hosting

Personal - $299 Business - $399 Professional - $499

Wordpress Hosting

Starter - $299 Performance - $399 Business - $499

Email Hosting

Starter - $149 Business - $199 Advanced - $249

Website Security

Static - $99 Dynamic - $149 eCommerce - $199

SSL Certificates

Positive SSL - $199 Comodo SSL - $299 EV SSL - $399

Website Builder

Startup - $198 Professional - $248
eCommerce - $449
Business - $349

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